How to use nail vinyls/ stencils. Tips and tricks

Below are some techniques of how to use nail art vinyls or stencils

Technique nr.1: Placing vinyls directly onto the nail

1) Apply your base coat nail polish and let it dry
2) Apply fast drying top coat (very important step) and wait untill it is dry (at least 10-15min.)
3) Apply vinyls in the desired position and make sure they sticked nicely
4) Apply your second nail polish color or colors
5) Remove vinyls immediatelly after that, while polish is still wet
6) Wait until your design is dry and follow with a nice layer of top coat

Note nr.1: this technique works very well with simple lines and single shapes (like hearts, anchors etc...). Of course all other shapes can be used like that, just make sure they are sticked properly at the edge of the nail.
Note nr.2: sponging your polish over vinyl instead of regular application usually gives more crisp lines

Technique nr.2: Vinyl stamping. For this technique you'll need a couple of stampers or one large stamper (preferably clear ones for more precise application)
1) Place desired vinyl design onto the stamper and apply nail polish of your choise
2) Remove vinyl from stamper immediatelly after polish application and set aside until to dry
3) Meanwhile vinyl design is drying, polish your nails with base color, let it dry
4) Sponge a bit of clear polish onto the nails for stickiness and spamp vinyl design over it
5) Seal with your favorite top coat

Note nr.1: This technique works well with whole nail patterns, when due to natural curviness of the nails nail polish might leak under vinyl near nail edges.
Note nr.2: This technique could save you a bit of time, since you stamp already dried pattern, you can seal it right away.

Technique nr.3: Making vinyl decals. For this technique you'll need a nail art silicone matt
1) Place desired vinyl pattern on the silicone matt
2) Apply nail polish of your choice over it
3) Remove vinyl immidiatelly, while nail polish is still wet and let it dry
4) Apply a layer of clear polish over vinyl pattern and let it dry
5) Very carefully separate your vinyl decal from silicone matt and trim if needed
6) Sponge some clear nail polish onto the nail for stickiness and apply your decal gently pressing it
7) Clear excess pattern around cuticules and seal with top coat

Note nr.1: This technique requires a bit more time than previous, but it works well with whole nail patterns especially when you want to make it gradient or multicolor.