How to apply striping tape. Tips and tricks

Nail striping tape is a beautiful decoration, that comes in many colors and sizes. However sometimes it could be challenging to make it stay on your nails and no to peel off.

Below are some tips and tricks of how to make it stay longer
1)  Paint your base nail polish and let it dry
2)  Cut a piece of striping tape (a bit longer than you actually need) and place it in the desired position. Using tweezers will help with easier application.
3) Adjust the lenght of stripes by cutting off excess ends. Make sure the tape ends just a bit before nail polish edge. Using nippers for more precise cutting is highly suggested.
4) Make sure all tape ends are properly sticked to the nail (press them lightly with your fingers or any other tool) and apply nice layer of top coat. Make sure tape ends are nicely sealed.
5) Wait 3-4 minutes (or untill first layrer is dry) and apply second layer.
Using fast drying top coats is very recomended
(My personal preference is HK Girl top coat from Glisten&Glow)