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A set of two pieces of tribal nail water decals

A set of two pieces of tribal nail water decals

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One set of two pieces of tribal/ aztec water decals
They are very easy in use and perfect for creating quick and easy nail designs. Suitable for both natural and false nails.
Package: two sheets approx.5,5x12,5cm
Decals: 20+ decals and 13 stripes/ borders
Pattern: tribal elements and borders

1. Apply the base nail polish of your choice and let it dry
2. Cut out the desired decal and take off protecting film
3. Put it in a room temperature water for approx. 30sec until the decal separates easily from the back paper
4. Place the decal on your nail in a desired position, excess can be easily removed with polish remover and cleaning brush
5. Dab the excess water gently pressing it and let it dry
6. Cover the decal with a good layer of a top coat to protect it

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